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Christofor Chong C K

张智强 (合伙人)


LL.B (Hons) (Singapore) 荣誉法律学士 (新加坡)

Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore) 律师 (新加坡) 

Email 电邮地址
Languages 通晓语言: English 英语, Mandarin 华语, Hakka 客家话, Cantonese 广东话, Hokkien 福建话 



In private practice since graduating from the National University of Singapore 1993 with Honours, Chris is instrumental in placing the firm on the approved panel of lawyers for major local and international banks, financial institutions and corporations in Singapore. His professional appointments include being a former appointed committee member of the Singapore-Sichuan Trade & Investment Committee (SSTIC) - a Government to Government bilateral cooperation framework formed to promote bilateral economic relations between Singapore and Sichuan Province, China, an Honorary Legal Advisor of Home United Football Club, a premier professional football club of the Singapore Professional Soccer League (Sleague) (2000 – 2019) operating under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore, a member of the Singapore Institute of Directors, and has extensive experience as an independent director of companies publicly listed on the Singapore Exchange. He advises major banks and listed companies on asset & trade financing matters, securitisations and is active as a corporate legal & business advisor to local and international companies in cross-border projects.

张志强律师于 1994 年毕业于新加坡国立大学,拥有荣誉学士学位,他帮助本所成为本地及跨国大银行、金融机构及公司业务 获准律师事务所。张律师被国内联合足球俱乐部聘请为荣誉法律顾问,该足球俱乐部是新加坡内政部下属的新加坡职业足球 联赛(新联赛)的首要职业足球俱乐部 (2000 – 2019)。张律师立即被芽笼国际球俱乐部委聘为名誉足球总监。他也是新加坡董事协会的成员,还与拥有为多家在新加坡证券交易所上市的公司担任独立董事的经验。他为主要银行及上市公司就资产与贸易融资事宜及证券化业务提供法律咨询,他还为本地及国际公司跨国项目提供企业法律与业务咨询。

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