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Benny Lim H C

林亨聪 (合伙人)


LL.B (Hons) (Singapore), LL.M (Singapore) 荣誉法律学士、法律硕士 (新加坡)

Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore) 律师 (新加坡)


Email 电邮地址:
Languages 通晓语言: English 英语, Mandarin 华语, Teochew 潮州话, Hokkien 福建话


Benny holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Laws, both from the National University of Singapore. He joined the firm as a partner in June 2005, and has focused his practice on fund management and investment advisory matters, financial services regulatory compliance, and the structuring and establishment of Singapore and offshore funds, including Singapore variable capital companies (VCCs). He has acted for sponsors and fund managers of private equity funds, real estate funds, hedge funds, fund-of-funds, Shariah-compliant funds, and restricted Singapore and foreign schemes, as well as family offices and the private banking and wealth management arms of offshore banks. He also regularly advises fund management and financial intermediary clients on regulatory and licensing issues, including applying for capital markets services licences, financial advisers’ licences and the applicable exemptions from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Benny’s other main areas of practice are corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border joint ventures and private equity investments, and regulatory compliance for listed companies and registered charities. He has represented multinational clients, government- linked companies, and listed and private companies in various transactions ranging from share purchases, asset disposals, initial public offerings in Singapore, placements and rights issue, privatisations, corporate restructurings and re-organisations, and greenfield and infrastructure projects.

林亨聪律师拥有新加坡国立大学法律学士学位及法律硕士学位。他于 2005 年 6 月加入本所成为一名合伙人,并专注于基金管理与投资咨询事宜、金融服务法规合规以及组建与设立新加坡及离岸基金,包括新加坡可变动资本公司(“VCC” )。他为保荐商、基金管理人代理私有股权基金,不动产基金、对冲基金、持有基金及受限制的新加坡及国外基金以及家庭办公室及私有银行及财富管理及金融中间客户的法规及许可事宜,包括申请资本市场服务执照,金融顾问执照及适用的新加坡金管局的豁免。林律师的其他主要专长领域涉及企业金融、合并与收购及上市公司与注册慈善机构的合规事宜。他代理跨国客户,政府关联公司、上市公司及私人公司的各种交易,包括股份回购、资产处置、在新加坡首次公开募股、配售及附权发行,私有化、企业重组、新建项目及基础设施项目。

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