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Alvin Cheng.tiff

Assoc. Prof. Alvin Cheng 

郑申爵 副教授 (顾问)


LL.B (Hons) (London), LL.M (London) 伦敦荣誉法律学士、伦敦法律硕士

Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore) 律师 (新加坡)

Associate Professor,Singapore University of Social Sciences School of Law 新跃社科大学法学院副教授

Email 电邮地址:

Languages 通晓语言: English 英语, Mandarin 华语, Cantonese 粤语

Alvin is a Consultant with Chris Chong & CT Ho LLP. He is a lawyer, an academic and a mediator. Alvin’s main area of practice is in civil and commercial litigation, including alternative dispute resolution. He has advised and acted for clients in diverse matters – including credit control and risk management, debt recovery and enforcement, corporate insolvency and bankruptcy, insurance claims and recovery, breach of directors’ duties and shareholders’ disputes, employment, real estate and tenancy disputes, as well as matrimonial and family law (including collaborative family practice). Alvin is an Associate Professor at the Singapore University of Social Sciences, School of Law., a Teaching Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Legal Education, and a Senior Trainer with the Adjunct Training Faculty of the Singapore Mediation Centre. He is an Associate Mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) and a member of SMC’s panel of Assessors; a Volunteer Mediator with the State Courts of Singapore, a Senior Mediator under the Law Society Mediation Scheme, and a member of the SMC’s panel of Collaborative Family Practitioners. Alvin is also an Accredited Mediator with the Regent’s University (School of Psychotherapy and Psychology), London.

郑律师是张与何律师事务所的顾问律师。他是律师、学者及调解员。郑律师的主要职业范围是民事和商业诉讼,包括替代性纠纷解决方案。他 曾为客户咨询和代理过各种业务 — 包括信贷控制和风险管理、债务追偿和执行、企业破产和个人破产、保险索赔和追偿、董事违法职责和股 东纠纷、雇佣、房地产和租赁纠纷,以及婚姻和家事法(包括协作家事法业务)。郑律师是新跃社科大学 法学院副教授。郑律师也是新加坡 法律学院的教师,及新加坡调解中心培训学院高级培训师 。郑律师是新加坡调解中心认证的副调解员,以及其评审小组的成员。他是新加坡 国家法院的志愿调解员 ,新加坡律师公会调解计划里的资深调解员,以及新加坡调解中心协作家事从业者小组里的成员。他也是伦敦摄政大 学(心理治疗与心理学学院)认证调解员。

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