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Our Practice

We are a Singapore Law Practice providing tailored legal solutions for clients in Singapore and across the Asia-Pacific countries in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar.


Our professional legal services cover -


  • Business Acquisitions & Disposals


  • Foreign Direct Investments


  • Onshore and Offshore Funds Establishment


  • Regulatory Matters


  • Joint Venture & Infrastructure Projects


  • Syndicated Lending and Borrowing


  • Share Placements, Notes & Bond Issues


  • Tax Advice


  • Mediation, Litigation, Arbitration and other dispute resolution.


We advise clients on -


  • Asset Acquisitions & Disposals


  • Corporate Restructurings


  • Equity & Debt Offerings

  • Initial Public Offerings


  • Takeovers & Mergers


  • Fund Management and Investment Advisory


  • Licence Application and Regulatory Compliance             


Our work covers the following business sectors -


  • Corporate Real Estate & Property Development


  • Energy, O&G and Mining


  • Engineering & Infrastructure projects


  • Capital Markets


  • Wealth Management and Trust

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